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Reindeer breeding in Germany

You can also take an internship with us and they will be with us Qualified to moose and reindeer breeders. Register at simply by mail.

Vous pouvez également effectuer un stage avec nous et ils seront avec nous qualifiés pour l'orignal et éleveurs de rennes. Inscrivez-vous à tout simplement par courrier.


Reindeer in Germany

It is not easy to keep reindeer in Germany or outside of Scandinavia or breeding. It took a lot of animal intelligence and sensitivity.

If they want to be engaged in reindeer breeding, they must consider some things.

Reindeer need much space the larger the enclosure the better for the animals they simply rake with 1000m ² per reindeer they are on the right side. They also need a solid fence around the paddock for their reindeer, which shall not be less than 1.80 m (game fence)

Covered food court and a fishing ground where they can easily capture any animals is obvious. This course is necessary to catch reindeer times quickly capture them maybe to Treat (deworming, vaccination) Etc.




Furthermore, they must still ENSURE that their animals are always fresh, clean water, since even the best have proven to soak floats. There is always fresh water in it and without the need to press on it somewhere so are water.




Reindeer must always come to feed the heist, they have about 3 kg concentrates per day computing. Need more time, the reindeer and when the fresh green sprouts in the spring then they eat hardly concentrate.

Here's a homegrown reindeer in winter looking for food.



Reindeer Training

The reindeer times a holster and maybe even work once on the slide should be that they have Traniert heist must be halter.

For this we integrate our reindeer to a pole, tree or place it in the barn because they learn that it makes no sense to pull out the halter and forth.

It takes sometimes up until the animals have so far to 3-4 weeks, but then they have their fun with the reindeer







Here our young deer in training


The end of August to sweep the reindeer their antlers





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